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Sheppard House

Population served: Boys ages 5-18 (typically 5 - 15)
Services:  Residential group home placement, assessment services, stabilization services, and treatment contract services 
Program capacity: 15 residents
Typical Staff to resident ratio:  1 staff to 5 residents
License:  Department of Human Services Group
Residential Facility and Restrictive
Procedures Certification

Sheppard House is a safe, structured therapeutic environment for young males to grow and make positive changes at very difficult times in their lives.  Many of these males come to Sheppard House after experiencing difficulties in their communities, in their schools or with their families.  It is our goal at Sheppard House to provide a positive nurturing therapeutic program for young boys wherein they can grow and develop in an environment that is safe, accepting, nurturing, and supportive of positive self esteem and self image.  Every action, program, activity, reward, consequence, or contact involving a resident is evaluated in a therapeutic context.
     The mission and philosophy of Sheppard House is operated through a unique program that addresses physical, sexual, behavioral, verbal, and emotional boundaries in a manner in which children can relate to and understand.  The program is called Boundary Baseball.
     The treatment approach at Sheppard House involves the building of a well planned and structured environment.  All activities, group sessions and counseling sessions have a strong therapeutic base.  A therapeutic setting is integrated with individual treatment contracts for each resident.  Additionally; community and family involvement, peer support, individual and educational development are all a part of the program at Sheppard House.
     Staff utilize a cognitive/behavioral approach with a strong element of reality therapy.  Group work and individual counseling sessions are a part of the daily process as well as therapeutic activities to enhance social skills and responsibility and build self esteem and self image.  Individual therapy, resident group therapy, family therapy, and consultation are provided by contracted therapists. 
     Home visits are a vital component to successful programming, home visit contracts are written by the assigned Counselor to assist the parent in setting rules and regulations on the visit.  The contracts give detailed rules and regulations and must be signed by the resident, parents and Sheppard House staff prior to the start of the visit.  The contracts ensure consistency in programming as well as provide guidance and structure for the child and parents.
     Residents are highly supervised at all times of the day and night.  Program staff and supevisors are thoroughly trained in philosophy, intervention, treatment, and evaluation.
     Sheppard House incorporates a Victory Program (Merit Points) into the daily schedule.  This was designed to give residents an opportunity to earn extra privileges including outings, spending money or prizes.  The privilege to be received is determined by the amount of points earned.  Residents not only learn that you get things by working hard, but the merit system also teaches them a positive work ethic, builds self esteem and teaches social skills.
     Sheppard House also offers an Extra Curricular Activities Program.  Residents are involved in activities that  range from community events, sports, school, clubs, and volunteering.  We feel this will build self esteem, responsibility and give the residents a feeling of ownership and belonging in what they do. 
     For additional information about programs, admission, or fees, please write or call:
Sheppard House
620 Hwy. 7 East
Hutchinson MN 55350
Ph:  (320) 587-6554
Fax: (320) 234-7840