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Franklin House

Population served:  Girls ages 5-18  

Services:  Residential group home placement, assessment services, stabilization services, and treatment contract services 

Program capacity:  10 residents
Typical Staff to resident ratio:  1 staff to 5 residents
License:  Department of Human Services Group Residential Facility and Restrictive Procedures Certification

Franklin House (established in 1980) provides a safe, structured therapeutic environment for young females to grow and make positive changes at very difficult times in their lives.  Many of these girls come to Franklin House after experiencing difficulties in their communities, schools or with their families.  Franklin House has identified specific needs of young adolescent females and is able to help them become healthy and productive members of their community.  Franklin House staff members are able to identify and provide the much needed nurturing that today's young females seem to miss.  Staff members provide structure as well as ongoing emotional support to the residents at Franklin House.  All activities, group sessions and counseling sessions have a strong therapeutic base.  Residents are highly supervised and follow a structured schedule daily.  Franklin House staff members are highly skilled in behavior management, therapeutic intervention, counseling, case management, crisis intervention, emergency procedures and child development.
     Franklin House has available a weekly group therapy session for all residents facilitated by the MTP Contracted Therapist along with Franklin House Counselors. These sessions are very intense and bring out many therapeutic issues.  We believe that we cannot change a child's past, but we can do some cognitive restructuring to allow that child to trust others and love themselves.  
     Franklin House has identified teen pregnancy as a critical issue to be discussed with these young females.  Therefore, we have available the "Baby Think It Over" doll to show the residents that being a teen age mom is challenging.  The doll comes  with abuse and neglect lights that flash when the doll is abused.  Part of the program involves using a key for feeding the baby (which varies all the time with some feedings being in the middle of the night).  In the event of maltreatment or neglect, mock court proceedings are conducted to teach the girls the ramifications of neglecting a child.  Our hope is to educate each of the girls so that one day they can become responsible mothers.
     The Franklin House program incorporates social skills training to benefit these girls once they leave Franklin House.  By using an incentive program, residents are encouraged to make positive social choices.  Positive choices are rewarded by allowing residents to go to a social event or community activity. 
     Franklin House also views home visits as a vital part of a successful program.  We also believe there is a necessary process before home visits are therapeutic.  First, on-site visits are conducted, so Franklin House staff members can encourage productive and healthy relationships and communication within the family.  Following positive on-site visits, off-site visits are  scheduled from 4-8 hours in length.  Then home visitation begins; frequency of home visits increase as the child progresses through the program.  Home visits are specifically detailed in a contract signed by the parents, the resident and a staff member.  These contracts help the parents in rule setting and also provide consistency in programming.  Counselors are in weekly contact with parents to keep the contracts reasonable and consistent for everyone.
     Franklin House conducts 45 day staffings with the client, parents, social worker, probation officer, Guardian Ad Litem, school personnel, and MTP program staff.  Franklin House also has a Consulting Therapist that meets with clients and their families and is involved in consultation  with all program staff to help provide the most effective programming for each client.
     For additional information about programs, admission or fees, please write or call:
Franklin House
135 Franklin Street N. 
Hutchinson MN 55350
(320) 587-5026, Fax (320) 234-6340